Creative Bike Storage Solutions

For those who love to explore the mountain trails or go on brisk rides around the park, owning a
bike is a great way to stay healthy and get outside. However, one common problem many people have is figuring out how to store a bike at home. If you live in a small apartment or are just looking to save some space, having an effective, yet easy to access storage solution is important.

To help you get started, we asked bike experts from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY to share their best bike storage solutions on how to hang a bike in your home. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Alternate studs

Our favorite bike storage solution is simply screwing $5.00 bike hooks at a 30-degree angle into the studs of our shed, garage, or shop, alternating high and low every other stud by about 12”, and hanging the bike vertically by its front and rear wheels. – Niner Bikes

Use drop handlebars as a bike storage solution

One of my favorite bike storage solutions in my apartment is to drill a hole in an old pair of drop
handlebars and screw it into the wall. This solution holds most bikes with ease and adds flair to living or dining rooms while also adding a fashionable and hip talking point. – Z Cycle Shop

Consider monkey bars or bike shelves

Keep your bikes off the floors by using vertical bike storage solutions like Monkey Bars. If space is limited, a more creative, minimal, and space-saving approach is bike shelves that allow you to store your ride a little more flush with the wall, which may be better for apartments. – Nick
Wigston, General Manager, Clydesdale Bikes

Install hooks

Design your garage to have inset vertical built-ins with a park tool bike storage hooked and mounted at the top so you can hang the bike by the front wheel. This setup will save space and has an added benefit for mountain bikes with front fork suspension as the vertical mounting ensures that the dust wipers and seals are bathed in oil, reducing stiction. – Pedal Forward
Bikes & Adventure

If you’re bringing bikes inside your house, hooks are a great bike storage solution to save floor space and display your bikes. It’s important to find a sturdy hook meant to hold the weight of a bike and install it in a stud. – Bicycle Colorado

Don’t forget about your accessories

Your local hardware store should carry simple and affordable hooks for ceiling mounts, or hangers for wall mounting. Run an extension cord above your bikes to plug in a USB charging cord to easily recharge accessories like bike lights and GPS units without having to remove them from your bike. – Gravel Stoke

Keep it locked in your garage

The best bike storage solution during the season is in an easily accessible place in your garage. In our harried and competitive lives, our problem is not making bikes look good, it’s having them accessible and easy to ride. – Blue Monkey Bicycles

Consider an electric foldable bike

Folding electric bikes, make storage effortless with their compact folding designs. Homes, apartments, or offices can easily accommodate folding electric bikes in closets, storage sheds, under the stairs, cubby cabinets, and more. – E-lux Bikes

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