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Support the Yosemite Composite High School Mountain Bike Team

Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure is on a relentless quest to share the joy of developing a passion for mountain biking in our community. We are thrilled to share the efforts of Mike Cleary in the creation of a Yosemite Composite High School Mountain Bike Team! Below are all the details you need to get involved in this exciting initiative for our youth.

Do you love mountain biking?

Maybe you hit the trails soon after learning to pedal, or perhaps you picked up the sport later in life. Either way, few people get the opportunity to start mountain biking as part of a team. Imagine learning the ropes in fun and supportive environment focused on skills, fitness, and achieving personal bests.  

Sounds pretty great, right?

The Yosemite Composite (“YoCo”) High School Mountain Bike Team will provide this opportunity to student-athletes in the Mariposa – Oakhurst area. Yes, mountain biking is a high school sport! Check out the NorCal High School Cycling League,, and National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA),, for details.

NICA “composite” teams are open to riders from any public, private, or home school. We are recruiting student-athletes that will be in 9th – 12th grade during the 2021 – 2022 school year. We also need adult volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Team Director Mike Cleary at

A little more information:

Racing is fun! NICA events are cross country races; there are no downhill or enduro events. The courses are challenging but beginner-friendly. No prior experience is necessary. The team will also engage in “off the bike” activities such as trail building.

When do we start? Pre-season activities start in October, official practices begin in December, and races are held from March through May (usually six events per season). 

What does it cost?  

The cost to join the NorCal league is $50 per student-athlete, plus $20 for NICA insurance. Each race charges a $50 registration fee. We will make a strong fundraising effort to help cover these costs.

Kids need bikes!  

Obtaining bikes is another place where community support is essential. We hope to establish a fleet of race-ready loaner bikes. If you have a bike to donate or any ideas about helping kids get bikes, please contact the team director (info above).

The team needs volunteers!  

We need licensed coaches to lead team rides and mentor athletes. See the NICA site for info about coach licensing. We also need volunteers to help with fundraising, bike maintenance, social media/website development, and more. Please contact the Team Director Mike Cleary at if you are interested.

Who is organizing this effort? 

Mike Cleary is the Team Director. Mike got serious about mountain bike racing as a member of the Stanford University cycling team. After college, he helped start a cycling team and raced around Oregon before moving to Mariposa. Mike’s other passion is education. He’s a biology professor at UC Merced and taught 4H entomology classes in Mariposa for several years. 

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