Shop Ride – 007 Bass Lake Area – Saturday, January 9

Join us on our weekly shop rides to stay fit and make connections with our riding community!

Let’s ride 007 together! This ride begins with a nice 944′ aerobic building climb to the single track trail entrance. The single track portion is 100% downhill. Enjoy thrilling flowy sections, challenging rock gardens and fast turns. Although the trail is rated blue on TrailForks, it has a few sections that can be considered black. New riders will develop their skills and may want to ride slowly or walk the more challenging sections. Let us show you how to navigate the trickier sections if you’ve never ridden 007 before. Anticipate the ride lasting approximately 1:00 hour to 1:10 minutes of riding time. Click here to see the trail map on TrailForks.

The ride will begin promptly at 8:00 am, so please arrive a few minutes early to gear up and make any last-minute bike adjustments. We’ll have some tools with us.
See you this Saturday, weather permitting.

Pedal Forward!

Mike & Jorge

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