Yoga class for cyclists

Yoga asana (postures) creates balance, improves flexibility, and helps you be more resilient on your bike, whatever the season. Sequences are designed to improve overall flexibility and help specific activities like cycling, hiking, and climbing. Whatever your sport or goal, yoga will help balance your fitness. As riders, we know how essential balance is.

Traditionally, Hatha Yoga pairs postures with breathing techniques. Many of the yoga styles like Ashtanga, Restorative, Vinyasa, 26/2, etc.β€”fall under the umbrella of Hatha, meaning HA (Sun) THA (moon). Yoga is balance in your body, left/right, back/front, mind/body.

For cyclists, your body can get conditioned in the saddle. Recovery becomes essential to counter the static positions from cycling. As modern humans, we often find ourselves in static positions driving and working at screens. Practice can benefit daily life as well as recreation.

In my classes, I like to focus on traditional sequences with add-ons for a specific body area like hip & heart openers. For example, other classes will focus on standing balance, inversions, knees & feet, or shoulders. We will start with sun salutes and work our way to the floor for deep, relaxing postures to savasana (final meditation). The goal of practice is to reach a meditative state which goes back to the idea of overall balance.

Classes are mixed levels of ability that offer instruction from basic to advanced alignment of each posture. A common mistake is to focus on poses you do well and skip the challenging poses. You will learn to reverse that thinking, often making the pose you never thought possible comfortable. In this way, you will build an all-over body practice that is balanced and fun.

If you are trying the yoga/cycle combination for the first time, we welcome you.

I am an active person who understands the basics of yoga asana and body dynamics. We will start at a safe level and work to find a fun, challenging practice. I recommend you try to be consistent. I guarantee you will notice a difference in your body and your rides in as soon as thirty days. Yoga is ageless, and I hope you discover a lifetime practice for overall health.

Written by Barb Ezell.


Wednesdays starting 2/16/22 @ 6:15-7:30pm

Cost: $18 local walk-in / $85 five-class pass $20 Visitor Walk-in


Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure

40761 CA-41 # 4, Oakhurst, CA 93644


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