Recovering Lost Memories

Before opening a bike shop, we were not familiar with older bikes that were once amazing in their time. You could buy a reliable and durable bike in a store for a reasonable price in the past. The bikes were well-made, with steel and aluminum parts. These bikes have welds that looked like battle scars compared to today’s bikes.

Since opening, we have received several of these old high-quality bikes. Some of these bikes had been in the yard, shed, or garage for many years. They arrived covered in dust, grease, mud, and other unidentifiable substances. One unfortunate bike was used to plug a hole in a fence. Another was home for a little rodent that stored corn and nuts in the frame. Several bicycles simply existed as a makeshift sculpture without volunteering for the gig. I’d say these bikes were sad and lonely, just sitting there unused and forgotten.

When a customer brings in a bike like this, we get excited. As bike mechanics, we are very honest with these customers and tell them if the bike is worth resorting to its original glory. In many cases, the bike has ‘good bones’ and reliable components like Shimano’s old fashion shifters, derailleurs, and cranks that, with a little love and a lot of care, come back to life. We always attempt to save as much of the original parts as possible during the restoration. Still, some have to be replaced for the bike to be safe. WD-40 is our best friend for rust or stubborn bolts.

We’ve purchased a sandblaster because our hands were so tired of using sandpaper. The sandblaster miraculously brings back the luster of old steel parts. The transformation is definitely satisfying. However, what is most satisfying is the look on our customer’s faces when they see the bike for the first time after being restored. Many customers told us that other shops only wanted to sell them a new bike and didn’t want to work on the bike. These customers wanted their bikes resorted for many reasons – sentimental value, a gift for someone in need, or because they were on a budget and didn’t want to spend more for a bike of similar quality. When our customers say, “Wow, it looks like a new bike!” it is the best compliment we can receive as mechanics and bike shop owners. When a customer is embarrassed about the condition of their old bike, we explain, “There is no such thing as an old bike; only a bike that hasn’t been given the TLC it needs.” Our motto is, “We can fix anything but a broken heart.”

Written By Jorge Negrete


Supporting Members of Our Community Local Artist, Orion Cicoletti

As local business owners, we care deeply about our community and are committed to supporting those that live in the area. We continually look for ways to collaborate with those that align with our brand. When I learned that my son’s friend Orion Cicoletti designs stickers, I immediately knew I wanted to commission him to create a sticker for all of our mountain bike trails in our area. We are currently selling the stickers he designed for Goat Mountain, 007, Blind Squirrel, and two other unique designs, and he has completed designs for Octopussy and Willow Creek.

Read on to learn more about this talented young man, and be sure to stop by our shop and check out his work in person.

Orion Cicoletti is a local graphic designer, videographer, and outdoor enthusiast. He was raised in North Fork, California, and graduated from Yosemite High School in 2020. He is now attending Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo studying forestry/natural resources while minoring in graphic design. Orion spent much of his childhood exploring and recreating in the beautiful mountains surrounding him. He is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and climber with an extreme passion for backpacking and hiking. Orion’s sticker business was created through his love for the land surrounding him, and his art and design passion. “I started my sticker business as a way to generate a small amount of cash to pay for gas. As my business grew, I realized that sharing my Yosemite artwork inspires people to enjoy our magnificent mountains deepening their appreciation for nature.” Orion has also successfully partnered with many local businesses to create custom promotional videos, T-shirts, and sticker designs like the stickers for sale at Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure. He hopes to one day utilize his artistic gift and passion for art, design, and environmental studies to give back to the mountains he cherished while growing up in this community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to share our passion for cycling and the High Sierras with a concierge approach to helping our customers maximize their cycling experience. We want to inspire our customers to pursue more adventures in life and to always “pedal forward.” We strive to build a strong relationship with every customer and seek to understand them to provide the best service and products to enrich their lives. We don’t want only to be just the best local bike shop; we want to be the best bike shop in California! Follow our blog as we share our love for mountain living and all the adventures life has to offer.


We’re in the news!

We’re stoked to receive some good press about our story and our new bike shop located just outside the south entrance to Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst, CA. When you come to a “big climb” in life, just keep pedaling forward! Find work doing something you love and always seek gratitude while helping others to pursue their passion.

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