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Our mission is to share our passion for cycling and the High Sierras with a concierge approach to helping our customers maximize their cycling experience. We want to inspire our customers to pursue more adventures in life and to always “pedal forward.” We strive to build a strong relationship with every customer and seek to understand them to provide the best service and products to enrich their lives. We don’t want only to be just the best local bike shop; we want to be the best bike shop in California! Follow our blog as we share our love for mountain living and all the adventures life has to offer.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

Support the Yosemite Composite High School Mountain Bike Team

Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure is on a relentless quest to share the joy of developing a passion for mountain biking in our community. We are thrilled to share the efforts of Mike Cleary in the creation of a Yosemite Composite High School Mountain Bike Team! Below are all the details you need to get involved in this exciting initiative for our youth.

Do you love mountain biking?

Maybe you hit the trails soon after learning to pedal, or perhaps you picked up the sport later in life. Either way, few people get the opportunity to start mountain biking as part of a team. Imagine learning the ropes in fun and supportive environment focused on skills, fitness, and achieving personal bests.  

Sounds pretty great, right?

The Yosemite Composite (“YoCo”) High School Mountain Bike Team will provide this opportunity to student-athletes in the Mariposa – Oakhurst area. Yes, mountain biking is a high school sport! Check out the NorCal High School Cycling League,, and National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA),, for details.

NICA “composite” teams are open to riders from any public, private, or home school. We are recruiting student-athletes that will be in 9th – 12th grade during the 2021 – 2022 school year. We also need adult volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Team Director Mike Cleary at

A little more information:

Racing is fun! NICA events are cross country races; there are no downhill or enduro events. The courses are challenging but beginner-friendly. No prior experience is necessary. The team will also engage in “off the bike” activities such as trail building.

When do we start? Pre-season activities start in October, official practices begin in December, and races are held from March through May (usually six events per season). 

What does it cost?  

The cost to join the NorCal league is $50 per student-athlete, plus $20 for NICA insurance. Each race charges a $50 registration fee. We will make a strong fundraising effort to help cover these costs.

Kids need bikes!  

Obtaining bikes is another place where community support is essential. We hope to establish a fleet of race-ready loaner bikes. If you have a bike to donate or any ideas about helping kids get bikes, please contact the team director (info above).

The team needs volunteers!  

We need licensed coaches to lead team rides and mentor athletes. See the NICA site for info about coach licensing. We also need volunteers to help with fundraising, bike maintenance, social media/website development, and more. Please contact the Team Director Mike Cleary at if you are interested.

Who is organizing this effort? 

Mike Cleary is the Team Director. Mike got serious about mountain bike racing as a member of the Stanford University cycling team. After college, he helped start a cycling team and raced around Oregon before moving to Mariposa. Mike’s other passion is education. He’s a biology professor at UC Merced and taught 4H entomology classes in Mariposa for several years. 

Creative Bike Storage Solutions

For those who love to explore the mountain trails or go on brisk rides around the park, owning a
bike is a great way to stay healthy and get outside. However, one common problem many people have is figuring out how to store a bike at home. If you live in a small apartment or are just looking to save some space, having an effective, yet easy to access storage solution is important.

To help you get started, we asked bike experts from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY to share their best bike storage solutions on how to hang a bike in your home. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Alternate studs

Our favorite bike storage solution is simply screwing $5.00 bike hooks at a 30-degree angle into the studs of our shed, garage, or shop, alternating high and low every other stud by about 12”, and hanging the bike vertically by its front and rear wheels. – Niner Bikes

Use drop handlebars as a bike storage solution

One of my favorite bike storage solutions in my apartment is to drill a hole in an old pair of drop
handlebars and screw it into the wall. This solution holds most bikes with ease and adds flair to living or dining rooms while also adding a fashionable and hip talking point. – Z Cycle Shop

Consider monkey bars or bike shelves

Keep your bikes off the floors by using vertical bike storage solutions like Monkey Bars. If space is limited, a more creative, minimal, and space-saving approach is bike shelves that allow you to store your ride a little more flush with the wall, which may be better for apartments. – Nick
Wigston, General Manager, Clydesdale Bikes

Install hooks

Design your garage to have inset vertical built-ins with a park tool bike storage hooked and mounted at the top so you can hang the bike by the front wheel. This setup will save space and has an added benefit for mountain bikes with front fork suspension as the vertical mounting ensures that the dust wipers and seals are bathed in oil, reducing stiction. – Pedal Forward
Bikes & Adventure

If you’re bringing bikes inside your house, hooks are a great bike storage solution to save floor space and display your bikes. It’s important to find a sturdy hook meant to hold the weight of a bike and install it in a stud. – Bicycle Colorado

Don’t forget about your accessories

Your local hardware store should carry simple and affordable hooks for ceiling mounts, or hangers for wall mounting. Run an extension cord above your bikes to plug in a USB charging cord to easily recharge accessories like bike lights and GPS units without having to remove them from your bike. – Gravel Stoke

Keep it locked in your garage

The best bike storage solution during the season is in an easily accessible place in your garage. In our harried and competitive lives, our problem is not making bikes look good, it’s having them accessible and easy to ride. – Blue Monkey Bicycles

Consider an electric foldable bike

Folding electric bikes, make storage effortless with their compact folding designs. Homes, apartments, or offices can easily accommodate folding electric bikes in closets, storage sheds, under the stairs, cubby cabinets, and more. – E-lux Bikes

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Foster Youth BBQ Fundraiser – May 1, 2021 – Join Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure in support of Sierra Quest Human Services

If you want to ride some amazing trails, meet some likeminded riders, enjoy some BBQ, and support foster youth please read the information below!

Thank you for inquiring about our first ever Fundraiser for the foster youth of Sierra Quest Human Services a local non profit serving youth from all over the state of CA. We are a very active program wanting our youth to experience all the recreational activities that most youth normally experience. The funds raised will go towards purchasing much needed recreational equipment for their use. For more information about our program please visit

Fundraiser: BBQ May 1st starting at 4:00 pm

Options for Mtn Biker’s: The locals ride every Saturday morning. They start gathering at 8:00 am and will leave for the ride at 9:00. For anyone interested in joining them please gather at the BBQ location between 8:00-9:00am on Saturday, 3707 Apperson Mine road mariposa Ca 95338. All trails start from that location.

Riding options: The trails can be described as straight down single track and straight back up to the top on dirt roads. We are located in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges at 4000 elevation near Yosemite National Park and there is a lot of elevation loss and gain. The trails can be challenging at top speeds with some features but non experienced bikers often use them and can enjoy them at a slower pace. All the riding is located in the same local area and we plan on riding them all. However you can always bail out at any time back to the BBQ location and relax in the shade while waiting for the BBQ.

Camping/hotels: RV and or tent camping is available on the property with no hookups both Friday and Saturday night. Portable bathrooms will be available and a hose or the local pond will be accessible for showers. You may also choose to stay in the town of Mariposa 30 min from the venue where there are many hotel options to choose from.

Please note: This event is being held on private property where the home owners will not receive anything for their generosity. Thus, please pack in and out your trash, etc. The BBQ fundraiser is the advertised event. The ride is not associated with Sierra Quest or the property owner but an option to join the locals and see some of the recreational options in the area. You ride at your own risk. Merced river is 30 min from the location for swimming and fishing and the park entrance is 45 min. away from the venue.

Donations: We purposely did not put an amount for you to donate for the event. When you choose to donate please take into account the dinner and drinks included and if you plan on camping or join in on the ride. We do not want an assumed price to exclude people or curb the amount you would like to donate. We hope that you have such a great time that you will join us again the following year and/or may want to donate on our go fund me page all year around. You may choose to donate before the event on the go fund me page as well as on site donation options.

Go fund me page:
For confidential donations you can mail your donation to: Sierra Quest 6986 Scott Road Mariposa CA 95338.
All donations are tax deductible.

Phone service: You will loose strong cell service leaving the towns of Mariposa and Oakhurst. There is poor to no cell service on location. Dependent on your carrier you may pick up a signal on the mountain tops surrounding the venue. If you need to be reached our land line is 209-966-3115. Or 209-742-2116. STRAVA does work!

If you would like to RSVP Click this link and fill out the form at the end.

Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure’s New Bike Trail Website Content

At your local bike shop, Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure, our mission is to build deep connections with our customers and inspire them to take more adventures! To inspire you to explore the local Sierra National Forest on your bike, we’re stoked to let you know we have just published mountain biking trail content on our website.

We currently have information on 29 different trails and locations where you will find fantastic riding. We have trail recommendations for every rider, from black diamond single-track trails like Octopussy near Bass Lake, California, to mellow dirt roads suitable for young children at Tesoro Viejo just north of Clovis, California, off of Highway 41. We also have included information on riding in Yosemite National Park. We plan to include road biking routes. If you have some favorite routes, please email us or DM us on social media to add to our website.

The mountain bike trail content we currently have provided is only just the start. Over time, we will be adding more trails, such as the trail network in Jerseydale, California, near Mariposa. Additionally, we will include videos of each trail, so you will see how the trail looks before your go for your first ride. Eventually, we plan to have more detailed videos reviewing the different lines you can ride and descriptions of what you can expect during your ride.  

After you check out our trail content, swing by the shop for some in-person advice on riding locations. We’ll give you recommendations based on your skill and fitness level. We also hold “Shop Rides” regularly. Our “Shop Rides” are purely social, and all skill levels are welcome. It’s a fantastic way to meet other riders and join others when riding a trail for the first time. Click here to check out our ”Shop Ride“ calendar. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get notified of our next ride, the latest news on products we carry, and our efforts to support the riding community of all ages.

We hope you find this information helpful so you can get out there and Pedal Forward!

Leading the Effort for New Family & Beginner Mountain Biking Trails Near Oakhurst, California

At Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure, we strive to be more than just a bike shop. Giving back to the community and inspiring our customers to have more adventure are two of our core values. Beyond selling bikes, gear, apparel, and repairing bicycles, we also advise customers where to ride and hike. Having talked to hundreds of customers since opening, it has become woefully evident our wonderful town needs more places for families and new mountain bikers to develop their single-track riding skills. The popular riding trails require long and often steep climbs followed by single-track descents that are challenging for children and new riders. We currently suggest that these riders drive all the way to Tenaya Lodge and ride Jackson Road or head south to Tesoro Viejo. Unfortunately, both options do not offer single-track riding.

Our search to find the perfect location close to Oakhurst lead us to explore options at the 400 acre Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park located at 43469 Highway 49, in Ahwahnee, California. We are collaborating with The Friends of Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park. Fern Facchino, the Chairman, has graciously invited us to present our plan for family mountain biking in the park. We’ve attended two board meetings and are pleading our case to obtain approval to develop a sustainable single-track mountain bike trail specifically designed for families and new riders. Read on to see our proposal.

Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park

Proposal: Access for bicycle use within Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park 

This proposal is presented by Jorge Negrete and Michael Broderick owners of Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure located in Oakhurst, California on behalf of local families. Jorge is a board member of Yosemite South Gate Trails Cooperative, a mountain bike enthusiast, and former Environmental Manager at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. Michael is also a mountain bike enthusiast, tourism expert, and former Director of Sales & Marketing at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite.


Families living in our mountain communities need access to safe family-friendly bicycle trail riding, especially for beginners learning to ride on trails. Currently, there are no designated and conveniently located areas that are safe for families to ride bicycles. Due to the steep and challenging terrain of the mountain area, families cannot ride together in safe, “easy”, “green level” trails. Most of the existing bike trails access points are difficult to locate and entail long drives from Oakhurst/Ahwahnee area. Biking is an excellent outdoor activity that enables children to stay healthy, enjoy the outdoors, and develop a passion for an active lifestyle. Currently, there are non-profits in the area that use mountain biking to keep children involved in athletics providing alternatives to video games, social media, and other potentially negative activities. The addition of a convenient, safe, and fun trail within the Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park will positively benefit the community and promote the park as a place where a family can spend the day together. Families visiting the area will have another family-friendly recreational activity that will positively impact our local businesses that rely on tourism.

The increased demand for outdoor activities that the community of Oakhurst/Ahwahnee are looking for will benefit families and visitors that are looking for a retreat in the mountains.

Details of Proposal:

1. Kids and families will benefit from the riding areas while keeping the bikes off equestrian trails with signs clearly noting: “No bikes allowed.” Signage will educate visitors on proper trail etiquette required between riders, hikers, and horseback riders to share access on the Orange trails that are already designated within the park. 

2. Extend the existing hiking trail, keeping it separated from equestrian trails. This will benefit hikers that can enjoy the trail as well.

3. This trail expansion will have the appropriate signage for the specific trail for mountain bikers. The future possibility to build trail features will provide a safe and fun family training ground for riders interested in developing their skills in order to ride the more challenging biking trails in the Bass Lake/Oakhurst area. This trail development could become a small scale version of the Woodward Park trails near Clovis, California.

As a board member of Yosemite South Gate Trails CO-OP, we have the expertise to build and maintain sustainable trails while educating users on the appropriate trail etiquette.

This proposed access is only for non-motorized bicycles. Attached is an environmental impact study about mountain biking. The study concludes that “the environmental effects of well-managed mountain biking are minimal.”

There will be scheduled maintenance of these trails by members of Yosemite South Gate Trail Cooperative, bike enthusiasts, and through community events.

The green trail on the map below illustrates the potential expansion and development of hiking/Mountain bike trails in Ahwahnee Regional Park. Note that a separate biking only trail could be designated. Additionally, a new bike only trail can be build next to the red (hiking) trail to eliminate any mixed use trails.

Michael Broderick & Jorge Negrete – Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure, LLC Owners

Recovering Lost Memories

Before opening a bike shop, we were not familiar with older bikes that were once amazing in their time. You could buy a reliable and durable bike in a store for a reasonable price in the past. The bikes were well-made, with steel and aluminum parts. These bikes have welds that looked like battle scars compared to today’s bikes.

Since opening, we have received several of these old high-quality bikes. Some of these bikes had been in the yard, shed, or garage for many years. They arrived covered in dust, grease, mud, and other unidentifiable substances. One unfortunate bike was used to plug a hole in a fence. Another was home for a little rodent that stored corn and nuts in the frame. Several bicycles simply existed as a makeshift sculpture without volunteering for the gig. I’d say these bikes were sad and lonely, just sitting there unused and forgotten.

When a customer brings in a bike like this, we get excited. As bike mechanics, we are very honest with these customers and tell them if the bike is worth resorting to its original glory. In many cases, the bike has ‘good bones’ and reliable components like Shimano’s old fashion shifters, derailleurs, and cranks that, with a little love and a lot of care, come back to life. We always attempt to save as much of the original parts as possible during the restoration. Still, some have to be replaced for the bike to be safe. WD-40 is our best friend for rust or stubborn bolts.

We’ve purchased a sandblaster because our hands were so tired of using sandpaper. The sandblaster miraculously brings back the luster of old steel parts. The transformation is definitely satisfying. However, what is most satisfying is the look on our customer’s faces when they see the bike for the first time after being restored. Many customers told us that other shops only wanted to sell them a new bike and didn’t want to work on the bike. These customers wanted their bikes resorted for many reasons – sentimental value, a gift for someone in need, or because they were on a budget and didn’t want to spend more for a bike of similar quality. When our customers say, “Wow, it looks like a new bike!” it is the best compliment we can receive as mechanics and bike shop owners. When a customer is embarrassed about the condition of their old bike, we explain, “There is no such thing as an old bike; only a bike that hasn’t been given the TLC it needs.” Our motto is, “We can fix anything but a broken heart.”

Written By Jorge Negrete

Supporting Members of Our Community Local Artist, Orion Cicoletti

As local business owners, we care deeply about our community and are committed to supporting those that live in the area. We continually look for ways to collaborate with those that align with our brand. When I learned that my son’s friend Orion Cicoletti designs stickers, I immediately knew I wanted to commission him to create a sticker for all of our mountain bike trails in our area. We are currently selling the stickers he designed for Goat Mountain, 007, Blind Squirrel, and two other unique designs, and he has completed designs for Octopussy and Willow Creek.

Read on to learn more about this talented young man, and be sure to stop by our shop and check out his work in person.

Orion Cicoletti is a local graphic designer, videographer, and outdoor enthusiast. He was raised in North Fork, California, and graduated from Yosemite High School in 2020. He is now attending Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo studying forestry/natural resources while minoring in graphic design. Orion spent much of his childhood exploring and recreating in the beautiful mountains surrounding him. He is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and climber with an extreme passion for backpacking and hiking. Orion’s sticker business was created through his love for the land surrounding him, and his art and design passion. “I started my sticker business as a way to generate a small amount of cash to pay for gas. As my business grew, I realized that sharing my Yosemite artwork inspires people to enjoy our magnificent mountains deepening their appreciation for nature.” Orion has also successfully partnered with many local businesses to create custom promotional videos, T-shirts, and sticker designs like the stickers for sale at Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure. He hopes to one day utilize his artistic gift and passion for art, design, and environmental studies to give back to the mountains he cherished while growing up in this community.

We’re in the news!

We’re stoked to receive some good press about our story and our new bike shop located just outside the south entrance to Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst, CA. When you come to a “big climb” in life, just keep pedaling forward! Find work doing something you love and always seek gratitude while helping others to pursue their passion.

Click HERE to read the story.